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Some people might be put off by the always increasing number of blogs and YT channels, to the point that it doesn’t seem worth trying, but that’s a mistake. It doesn’t matter how many people are doing similar things, you are different, you have something new to share, your own story…you just need to find your own voice and people will listen!

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An idea that I may or may not go forward with, but I wanted to see what you bros would think.


So I made the decision to turn comments off on my videos. You can see why here:

I noticed today while messing with the settings in YouTube that you can invite certain type of people to comment on the video and block out others.

I was thinking we could set up a PayPal and anyone who donates more than $1 will get invited to this group and will be able to comment as normal. 

I’m not looking to make this into a thing where I’m just taking money. So all the money would go toward charity. 

It might be hell to setup and if many bros donate, well.. I’d have to hire someone to do all this work of invitation etc for me. 

So before I go further I wanted to check with you bros if you think its a good idea or not.

You can vote here:

Thanks for participating! 


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I’m in tears after the last episode of season 2 of the Walking Dead game… meeh

Just watched the alternate endings and cried a little more

I also have Oblivion stuck in my head which isn’t really making things any better


you are cute